Our spa sparkles, just follow the beat, there’s no need to be quiet.

Our pool club is inspired by our favorite clubs in Miami. This spa is far from conventional. Here the relaxing music, lively atmosphere and the vibe give you energy. Join the pool party, baby!

  • Music – always on! Hey DJ, put a record on. When the DJ takes a disco nap we put on playlists.
  • Food – the menu varies throughout the day, but there will always be tasty bites!
  • Pools – heated pools on both floors – cannon ball in the pool!
  • Relax by the fire –enjoy the view or the fire pit – just relax.
  • Bastu – both dry and steam saunas – bring on the heat.
  • Sunbeds – with a telephone at arm’s length
  • Board games – to set the beach vibe.

You can find our Pachanga & Stay Over Sessions including accommodation here.

Would you like to be part of the pool party but don’t want to stay over?
Stay cool in the pool – day passes will be available for booking in the autumn.

& Drinks

There’s always something tasty to order for delivery to your sunbed. Eat in the lounge or at your sunbed. We serve comfort food, such as lobster rolls, poké salads, guacamole & chips. Stroll on over to the bar and order or pick up the phone next to your sunbed and place your order.


Every day 9 am – 10:30 pm


Pachanga is an amazing combination of food, music and drinks. We start the day off at a slow and relaxed pace. In the evenings we turn up the heat with our pool party, it’s an awesome vibe that shifts gear the later it gets. When’s your prime time?

07:00 – 10:00


Tropiska frukter, nypressade juicer, lugn musik för att möta dagen och hoppas på att hinna se solen gå upp. Ta med din favorittidning and relax to the max.

10:30 – 13:30


Welcome to Miami.  Missa inte att beställa din lunch och skölj ner med ett krispigt rosé eller varför inte bubbel. Vi bjuder på skratten och den sköna musiken.

15:00 – 19:00


A perfect afternoon, skip your last hours of your workday and enjoy a warm pool, tropical cocktails, board games and the beat of the music instead. We believe this is called taking care of your health.

19:30 – 22:45


After eating dinner, you can enjoy the rest of the evening with a drink in the pool. Watch out for flying champagne corks! Work up a sweat by dancing to the pulsating beat. Got a snack attack? No problemo! The kitchen stays open until late.

In need of some tender loving care? Relax, we’ve got you covered.

Our menu and booking treatments will be available in the fall. All guests who have booked access to Pachanga before this will be contacted as soon as booking is possible, so that they have the option to add a treatment.

Expect nothing less than first class treatments. But, there are a limited number of spaces available so if you want to be sure you can take advantage of this little piece of heaven, then we highly recommend booking your treatment well in advance.